Rebecca Herrmann

Rebecca Herrmann

Rebecca Herrmann


Rebecca Herrmann is an Australian entrepreneur, businesswoman, and one of the first unabridged audiobook publishers in the world.

Publisher, Co-CEO and joint shareholder of Bolinda, the world’s largest independent audiobook company, Rebecca is widely recognised as a pioneer and innovator of the audiobook category.

Rebecca founded Bolinda audiobooks in 1990 and today is recognised as the world’s leading audiobook publisher and evangelist. She has dedicated her life to telling big local stories to the world.

In 2010, Bolinda launched Borrowbox – your library in one app. BorrowBox enables Public libraries and schools to lend eAudiobooks and eBooks to their customers by way of digital loans. The BorrowBox app is the number 1 download solution across libraries in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Bolinda’s excellence in production and creative marketing was rewarded in 2016 when audiobook, The Water Diviner became one of only 4 titles shortlisted for the pinnacle Audie – Audiobook of the Year Award.

This outstanding achievement was followed by consecutive wins for Bolinda published titles at the ABIA (Australian Book Industry Association) Audiobook of the Year Awards. What’s more, Rebecca herself was named the FutureBook Leader of the Year UK. Rebecca was chosen from a shortlist of publishers and was highly praised for ‘embracing new technologies with a start-up mentality to drive impressive growth’.

Rebecca’s unwavering commitment to the audiobook category and its future has ensured Bolinda has unparalleled pathways to market for audiobooks and unrivalled consumer loyalty and recognition of the Bolinda brand across the globe.