Geelong Library & Heritage Centre

Inspirational, innovative and iconic: these are words with which the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre (the Dome) has already become synonymous.
Symbolic of the evolution of Geelong from a city founded on heavy industry to a centre for excellence, culture and learning, the Dome’s existence is the result of a bold and unwavering vision of the City of Greater Geelong and represents the culmination of many years of lobbying, planning and collaborative effort.
Sophisticated and technology-rich, this world-class facility is designed to meet the expectations of 21st century public library users, providing contemporary and innovative library and information services. It is also a vibrant gathering space for local residents, workers and visitors to enjoy – a tourist destination in the heart of Geelong’s cultural precinct.
Within the iconic domed building, there are five public levels – all beautiful, inspiring and inclusive spaces for reading, studying, meeting, discovery and fun.
For more information on the Dome, visit Geelong Library & Heritage Centre.

Photo credit: Robert Luxford